Grummy gets a Grammy! Annie gets Noticed!

Photo courtesy Idaho Public Television.

Idaho Public Television Producer/Director/Host Marcia Franklin received a Northwest Regional Grammy Award for “We Sagebrush Folks” the great documentary on Annie Pike Greenwood’s account and life as a settler on the Minidoka Plains of southern Idaho.  The documentary which premiered in October 2018 also garnered a Platinum Award at the WorldFest-Houston International film and Television Festival.

Although a published author, throughout her life Annie, known to the family as “Grummy” longed for her voice to be heard in the broader world. And she craved recognition for her story to be understood by everyone. Now it is coming true for her and her family’s participation in reshaping the West.

The book “We Sagebrush Folks”, although out of publication is still available in some libraries and online. And please check out Idaho Public Television for availability of the documentary.

Read the book! Watch the Documentary! Post a Comment! Thank You!

Photo courtesy Idaho Public Television.

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