More Roses- Big Premier!


Big Premier! “We Sagebrush Folks: The Movie” premiered October 25th on Idaho Public Television. The producers found many surprises in the Greenwood School history, and brought to life the, well, sage green and basalt grey of the area. What it must have been like for the families to struggle through that landscape to grow things- especially a culture of humanity. The rabbits apparently had it dialed in and were in heaven from their perspective until the settlers came. No matter who the people were that lived there starting with American Indians, life was tough, but many were able to persevere and there are still descendants of the original settlers in the area. Go to to see the film.

BREAKING REAL NEWS: October 30 at the Historic Wilson Theatre in Rupert there will be a screening of “We Sagebrush Folks” and comments and discussion from some of the participants of this history.

Festivities begin at 6:30 in the evening. Be there or…. don’t. But you’ll really miss fine evening of reparté and refreshments of some kind. Probably. The refreshments I mean.

Want to hear from You. Please. Thanks.


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